Unlike all of the other Let’s Play scenarios this is not a one-off game, this is our ongoing campaign, Hard Core being the name of the adventuring group.

I’ve taken a few liberties with the WOTC adventures en route, as you’ll no doubt see.

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Let's Play D&D 4th Edition #100 HARD CORE Campaign WOTC H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (Level 1)
Part Click Title
001 Introduction Introduction.
002 The PCs The PCs.
003 Part 1: On the Road to Winterhaven.
004 Part 1a: Winterhaven, briefly.
005 Part 2: The Ancient Burial Site.
006 Part 2a: A Quiet Chat with Agrid.
007 Part 2b: Winterhaven whistle-stop.
008 Part 3: Outside the Kobold Lair.
009 Part 4: The Kobold Lair- Irontooth.
010 Part 4a: The Aftermath.
011 Part 4b: Back to Winterhaven.
012 Part 4c: Decisions.
013 Part 5: Into the Shadow Keep.
014 Part 5a: We Need to Talk About Sigur.
015 Part 6: The Excavation Site.
016 Part 6a: We Need to Talk About Sigur, revisited.
017 Part 7: Torture is Bad.
018 Part 7a: Tonka is Accepted.
019 Part 8: The Goblin Chieftain's Lair.
020 Part 8a: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.
021 Part 9: The Rat Pack.
022 Part 9a: Jimmy's Return.
023 Part 9b: New Blood.
024 Part 9c: In the Dark.
025 Part 10: The Exchange.
026 Part 10a: Clearing up the Mess.
027 Part 10b: Celebration.
028 Part 10c: Fever!
029 Part 10d: Return to the Shadow Keep.
030 Part 11: Back into the Shadow Keep.
031 Part 11a: The Blame Game.
032 Part 11b: Heads, you Lose.
033 Part 12: The Dead Center.
034 Part 12a: The Pretty Lights.
035 Part 13: The Catacombs.
036 Part 13a: That's Odd.
037 Part 14: The Skeleton Lord.
038 Part 14a: The Fight after the Fight.
039 Part 14b: The Story so Far...
040 Part 14c: Back to the Action.
041 Part 15: The Hobgoblin Guards.
042 Part 15a: Are you Experienced?
043 Part 16: The Hobgoblin's Revenge.
044 Part 16a: Wanderings.
045 Part 17: Into the Shadow.
046 Part 17a: The Dark Tide.
047 Part 18: The Guardians of the Portal.
048 Part 18a: A Dangerous Encounter.
049 Part 18b: The Gloom.
050 Part 18c: The Portal.
051 Part 19: The Dead have Dominion.
052 Part 19a: Protection.

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