Let’s Play #004
Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 2.

Lp004 pc line up 1.04 the 2nd team

Encounter #4 Goblin Quarters (area 1-12)

Forges map
The Goblin Quarters are through the secret door and in to area 1-12 on the map (see below).
Map area 3   12

Ragnarr can hear voices through the secret door- there are goblins on the other side. The rogue quickly discovers the opening mechanism; the other adventurers ready their attacks.

The adventurers burst through the secret door and in to a chaotic chamber, a flophouse of sorts, containing nine Goblins in various stages of not being ready to be attacked- mostly sprawled on piles of stinking skins and furs.

The dwarves have the surprise, they kick ass.

Bad Guys 749 XP Level 2 Encounter.
Goblin Sharpshooter Level 2 Artillery x5
Goblin Boltspitter Level 2 Artillery Minion x4

Goblin sharpshooter v2

Goblin sharpshooter  art2  lp

Goblin boltspitter  m2  lp

Grimm and Koda charge in, furious and… they both fail to connect with the surprised and prone goblins, however the other three dwarves make their mark.

Tordek smashes one of the goblin sharpshooters clutching for its hand crossbow, it’s bloodied. Fenchurch unleashes his Staggering Note and a second goblin sharpshooter is pushed backwards and served up for Tordek- the dwarf fighter smashes his second offering, it too is bloodied.

Ragnarr steps in, kneels and cuts the first sharpshooter’s throat- dead.

The four remaining sharpshooters grab for their hand crossbows, scramble to their feet and fire- bolts ping and ricochet, all but one misses their intended targets- Ragnarr is unlucky, the rogue grimaces in pain.

Grimm swears his Oath and then with a Focussed Fury cuts the second sharpshooter dead.

Tordek lashes out but is off target. Koda is not- he steps in to the thick of things and kicks and punches with his Five Storms; a chop takes out one boltspitter, a kick a second.

The two remaining boltspitters manoeuvre and fire their hand crossbows; Grimm is grazed by a flying bolt.

Fenchurch manages to wrestle his way in to the action, the dwarf screams his Shout of Triumph, but again with minimal affect- two of the sharpshooters are very slightly wounded.

Ragnarr stabs another of the boltspitters in the back- dead.

The three sharpshooters left standing begin screaming in their foul tongue, all three fire their hand crossbows- Tordek is skewered by a bolt.

Grimm and Tordek close to attack, both dwarves contrive however to miss their targets- Koda manoeuvres again, and again the monk dives in to the thick of the action. He manages to chop, kick and punch all three of the remaining sharpshooters with his Five Storms- two of the three are left bloodied.

The last boltspitter heads for the way out- screaming down the corridor; it fires its hand crossbow at Koda but only manages to find the ceiling- way off target.

Ragnarr sends out a spinning dagger- a Deft Strike, and ends the goblin.

A sudden yowling, growling sound- a pack of thickset wolves, worgs in fact, come scampering and slavering down the corridor.

Unseen by the guys, moving up behind the worgs is the Goblin War Chief; apparently you don’t get to its exalted status by heedlessly charging in to fights.

NEW Bad Guys 1599 XP Level 7 Encounter.
Goblin Sharpshooter Level 2 Artillery x5
Goblin Boltspitter Level 2 Artillery Minion x4
Lesser Worg Level 2 Skirmisher x4
Goblin War Chief Level 4 Elite Controller

Worg lesser  sk2  lp

Goblin warchief  e con4  lp

Oh dear, this just turned in to a Level 7 Encounter, as it turns out second encounters are pretty tough.

The four worgs charge in to the chamber, the adventurers lash out as the creatures are forced to squeeze through the fracas, Koda is bitten twice as is Tordek- the pair are the closest to the exit. Both are wounded although neither is particularly hurt, Tordek even manages to catch one of the creatures with his battleaxe.

The three remaining sharpshooters scream and shout- all three of them draw short swords, spilling their hand crossbows- it’s an all-out melee now. The three focus their attacks on Koda, the dwarf monk is drawing heat- although only one of the foul humanoids lands a hit, nevertheless the monk is bloodied.

Grimm growls, the dwarf avenger swears his Oath at the nearest worg and lets fly with his Thunder & Echo (Daily power), the reverberating roar of the power leaves two of the worgs wounded and one of the sharpshooters bloodied.

The goblin chief stays out of sight, still back down the corridor watching the action- ready to pounce.

Tordek gets his Second Wind and then lashes out with his Weapon Master’s Strike, at the last moment the worg dodges… ah no, Grimm uses his Divine Guidance- Tordek’s attack runs true- the worg is sliced, left shaking and bleeding, bloodied and all but dead.

Koda too sucks up the hurt, gets his Second Wind, although this still leaves him bloodied, the dwarf monk is right in the thick of the action, time for a repeat of his Five Storms. Koda lashes out at the enemies surrounding him- all seven of them; a sharpshooter is punched and bloodied, a worg kicked, another stamped on, the last which Tordek left barely able to stand is smashed to the ground. Koda grins, and then does it all again (Action Point)- only five targets this time, a sharpshooter is elbowed in the face and killed, another receives a forearm check and is left staggering and bloodied, while one of the worgs is kicked and chopped, it too is bloodied; and with that Koda uses her Five Storms Move and tumbles behind Tordek.

The monk sticks out his tongue at the battered survivors of his onslaught.

Fenchurch’s Majestic Words revive the monk, the dwarf bard then attempts a Sprightly Rhythm- the affect is too much, the less than sonorous dwarf inflicts psionic damage with his mawkish cacophony. A sharpshooter clutches at its head- bleeds a while and then after a soft ‘pop’ sound collapses dead, a second follows suit, that’s the last of the goblins- save the hidden chief. Two of the three remaining worgs chase and snap and bite at their own tails or else yowl and butt their heads in to the walls of the chamber.

Ragnarr fails to impress with his Clever Strike- still the chamber is clearing nicely.

And the Level 7 encounter is decimated.

The three worgs still in the action bite and snarl, Fenchurch is nipped on the hand, none of the other dwarves suffer.

Tordek’s Tide of Iron slams one of the creatures in to the wall- it’s left woozy; staggering to stay upright- Fenchurch’s Staggering Note finishes the worg off.

Ragnarr’s Clever Strike is on target this time, and another is bloodied and left yowling.

The worgs however are not about to give up, the maddened mongrels are in a fury- and this time Ragnarr is their target, the dwarven rogue is bitten twice in quick succession, and left bloodied and bleeding.

Ragnarr backpedals, away from the slavering beasts- his back to the corridor, the exit of the chamber… the goblin chief strikes- slips his short sword in to the dwarf’s back- Ragnarr falls but the goblin chief grabs him.

Ragnarr’s down to -1 hit points, Ragnarr is dying.

“Come any clo…” The chief starts, propping the unconscious Ragnarr up before him; his speech is cut off by Tordek who dodges through the worgs- who snap and bite, to get to the chief.

Alas Tordek’s (Daily) Villian’s Menace is off target, the fighter follows up with a Weapon Master’s Strike (Action Point), slicing in to the goblin chief.

The goblin chief is still very healthy- it started with 110 hit points after all.

Koda smashes the closest worg down- dead, Fenchurch sings a Staggering Note and the last worg yaps turns tail and cowers before Tordek, the fighter’s battleaxe comes again and the creature is almost broken.

Fenchurch finishes by intoning Majestic Words- Ragnarr’s eyes flicker open, the rogue spins and stabs the goblin chief in the thigh- a Deft Strike.

Ragnarr’s free, the goblin chief backs away a little.

The last remaining worg worries Koda but the monk has other more pressing concerns.

Tordek and Grimm step forward- the avenger sounds his Oath and then hits the goblin chief with his Radiant Vengeance. The chief cuts back and slashes Tordek, who struggles to pay the goblin back. Koda ignores the last worg and punches the goblin.

Fenchurch hits the last worg with another of his Staggering Notes, serves the beast up for Tordek once again- the fighter cuts the creature dead.

Just the goblin chief to go.

Ragnarr gets his Second Wind and then spins a dagger out at the goblin- another hit, the creature is nearly bloodied.

Moments later it is- Grimm’s Radiant Vengeance strikes again, and yet it’s Tordek that is made to pay- the goblin stabs the dwarven fighter in the chest, and then repeats the attack (Action Point). Tordek flops face first on to the filthy chamber floor.

Tordek is down to -2 hit points, he’s dying.

Koda’s Dancing Cobra is way off target, meanwhile Fenchurch kneels and gets to work on Tordek, alas the fighter is bleeding too much for the bard to staunch the flow.

Ragnarr manoeuvres and with a Clever Strike slashes the goblin chieftain again.

Grimm moves to help Fenchurch, and yet even with the avenger’s ministrations the dwarven fighter continues to bleed, in fact the dwarf is choking- coughing up great gouts of blood.

Tordek fails his first Death Save.

The goblin chief cuts again and Ragnarr staggers back, the rogue is close to collapse.

Koda fights back with his Five Storms followed by a Flurry of Blows- the goblin is left staggering.

Ragnarr steps in and delivers a Torturous Strike, the goblin is almost gutted, the foul miscreant spills his sword to clutch at his wounds- it flops to the floor and in its foul tongue pleads for mercy.

The fight is over.

1599 XP Level 7 Encounter.
Goblin Sharpshooter Level 2 Artillery x5
Goblin Boltspitter Level 2 Artillery Minion x4
Lesser Worg Level 2 Skirmisher x4
Goblin War Chief Level 4 Elite Controller

Koda is quickly across to Fenchurch and Grimm’s side- the trio work fast, moments later Tordek is stabilised, five minutes later the dwarf is back on his feet.

The goblin chief is tied up, treated badly, and then interrogated- a minor Skill Challenge, soon enough he’s singing like a canary and the only question the adventurers have for now is- where are the other dwarves that were sent in to the Hold? The goblin is forthcoming; it gives directions to a central area within the hold, the home it states to a bunch of crazy dwarf zealots. The goblin actually prefers the phrase- ‘religious nutters.’

Satisfied with the chief’s answer the adventurers take a good half-an-hour to beat the creature unconscious, and to within an inch of his life. They then tie the goblin up, as tight as they can, and wedge it- gagged, in to a sack. Tordek will carry the scurvy knave.

A search of the goblin’s quarters turns up all manner of goodies, including a bunch of gems and coins, and better still a +1 Dagger (which Ragnarr takes), and a +1 Vicious Battleaxe (which Tordek grabs)- Fenchurch identifies the pair.

Dwarf rogue ragnarr 1.01  lp4

Dwarf fighter tordek 1.01  lp4

The adventurers take the time to carefully search about the area they have liberated, they find a wedged shut door- waterlogged, they figure a good shove will get it open; and in a different direction a corridor which seems to end in a very suspicious looking solid stone wall.

Forges map
The fight takes place in area 1-12, the goblin chief and the worgs ran through from area 1-13 on the map (see below).
Map area 13
The sodden door described above is shown on the map above, the suspicious stone wall is at the end of the southern passage.

Ragnarr takes another good hard look around the chambers, eventually he spots it- a hidden lever mechanism, the suspicious stone wall slides aside to reveal yet another passage. This is the direction the adventurers need to go- it fits with the goblin chief’s instructions.

The dwarves move out, and on…

Comment: Another Goodman Games special, it’s just oh so easy to make one encounter in to two in these modules.

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