Let’s Play #004
Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 2.

Lp004 pc line up 1.05 the 2nd team

Encounter #5 Ygrut’s Last Trap (1-10)

Forges map
Ygrut’s Last Trap takes place in area 1-10 on the map (see below).
Map area 9 11

Ragnarr leads the adventurers left from the secret door up a short flight of stairs and in to another ruined chamber choked with rubble, the walls are covered with a myriad rotten tapestries.

“Shush!” The rogue warns, but it’s too late a ragged band of ancient looking ravens, squawk and hop, then take to the air, clearly intent on doing the dwarves harm.

“Odd.” Koda states.

Tordek and Grimm move in to the chamber…

Bad Guys 400 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Ancient Raven Level 1 Lurker x4

Raven ancient  l1  lp

The ravens swoop and swerve, the dwarves move in to the chamber ducking and dodging, the birds seem a little… ill-equipped for the fight; they’re not even very agile in the air.

Ragnarr spins out a dagger, wings one.

Grimm swears an Oath and then delivers his Focussed Fury, a second raven is swatted to the floor, one wing smashed, it’s beyond bloodied almost terminally broken.

Koda takes a nip, no more than a peck en route to the centre of the chamber; the monk unleashes his Five Storms, the raven that Ragnarr hurt is left bloodied on the floor, the one that Grimm smashed down is stomped underfoot- dead.

“Odd!” Koda states again, this really is an easy fight.

Tordek moves in and smashes the first raven dead.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note is alas a little off key.

The dwarves look about the broken chamber, as they pick their way through the piles of rubble, there is alas nothing else here to challenge them.

The two remaining ravens flutter and circle, one of them manages to claw Fenchurch, but again- a scratch, no more.

Then suddenly an crossbow bolt flies out from… somewhere? Ygrut the Trapmaster is in to the action, concealed in an alcove behind one of the tapestries, he’s firing through a small hole.

Although at this point the adventurers have no idea which tapestry.

Bad Guys 800 XP Level 3 Encounter.
Ancient Raven Level 1 Lurker x4
Ygrut the Trapmaster, Dwarf Level 5 Elite Soldier

Yrgut the trapmaster

Dwarf trapmaster  ygrut  e sol5  lp

Fenchurch clutches at his side, removes his hand- slick with blood, he then slides down the wall and comes to rest in a crumpled heap on the floor, the bard is dying.

Ygrut hits with combat advantage for 23 points of damage, Koda was on 23 hit points at the time- the dwarf is also taking ongoing 5 poison damage. The healer’s down.

“Where?” Ragnarr begins, and then slashes and cuts one of the ravens as it dives at him.

“Save him!” Grim shouts and then delivers his Oath, and cuts again- the same raven Ragnarr cut is sliced in two.

Koda is quickly to Fenchurch, alas the monk cannot stir the bard.

Tordek thumps the last of the ancient raven’s, the bird- still alive but almost broken, hops around the floor- unable to take flight.

And the guys make a Perception Check; 14 is the dwarves best score- Ygrut remains hidden.

The last raven hops up to Tordek and begins pecking at the fighter’s shins.

“Ow!” Tordek mocks, and giggles.

Less than a second later he sprouts a crossbow bolt from his chest; Tordek swoons, staggers and has to grab out to stop himself from falling.

Tordek is hit for 22 points of damage, reducing the fighter to 4 hit points- he also has ongoing poison damage to contend with.

Ragnarr’s still none the wiser- he has no idea who is shooting at them, the rogue scuttles over and with a Clever Strike cuts the last raven- dead.

Grimm however spots where the last crossbow bolt came from.

The avenger rushes forward and rips a tapestry aside, beyond is an alcove- crudely carved in to the stone wall, within is Ygrut the Trapmaster, an ancient mad-eyed dwarf armed with a crossbow fitted with a blade. Grimm swears his Oath and stabs at Ygrut, he misses.

Koda meanwhile grabs out a potion of healing and pours the liquid in to the dying Fenchurch, the bard opens his eyes.

Tordek gets his Second Wind, screams and then launches himself at Ygrut, who swats the fighter aside.

Both Tordek and Fenchurch are still however bloodied, that is until…

Fenchurch stands and offers some Majestic Words to Tordek, the fighter feels fit again- ready for more action.

Ygrut grins, and then speaks-

“Birrrrrrrrrrrds!” The Trapmaster offers and then makes chirruping sounds, seconds later another crossbow bolt whizzes past Tordek’s ear.

Grimm stabs twice at the mad dwarf monster (an Action Point), both minor cuts, his Radiant Vengeance seems a little impotent.

Ygrut still has over 100 hit points left.

Koda manoeuvres out of Ygrut’s range and sight.

Tordek stabs with his Steel Serpent Strike, with a little help from Grimm’s Divine Guidance- he skewers the mad dwarf who grimaces back, he then tries again (Action Point) but fails to land his attack.

Once more Fenchurch’s Staggering Note is off-key.

Ygrut fires again, the dwarf capers and giggles, another miss- although Tordek almost gets a centre-parting.

Ragnarr throws his dagger, Grimm stabs with his greatsword- both connect but their hearty blows turn out to be mere scratches.

Koda dodges out from hiding, throws rocks and stones grabbed in haste from the floor of the chamber.

“Kill him.” The monk states and nods at Tordek, occupying Ygrut to give the fighter the advantage.

Tordek winks back at Koda, swings with all his might- and misses.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note is off-key- thank the Lord for Copy & Paste.

And yet another crossbow bolt whizzes… oh no- the bolt takes part of Tordek’s right ear off, the fighter’s bloodied, and bleeding.

Ygrut has a high AC, the rest of his defences are average for his level- he’s very hard to hit, particularly for Level 1 PCs.

Grimm scratches at the mad dwarf again, he’s still not bloodied- the rest of the dwarves repeat the previous formula, with absolutely no success.

Tordek gets his other ear pinned, he staggers.

I should have used my Action Point here for Ygrut- I forgot.

Ragnarr and Grimm, again, fail to make their mark; Koda cannot get in to the action and so continues to throw rocks and insults.

Tordek takes advantage, and slices Ygrut with his Weapon Master’s Menace, the Trapmaster experiences a doubt, he’s bloodied.

Fenchurch offers up more Majestic Words and Tordek is looking well again, the bard then hits the spot with his Staggering Note, Tordek swipes with his battleaxe and almost cuts through Ygut’s right leg just above the knee.

A critical hit by Tordek for 23 points of damage, leaving the Trapmaster on just 24 hit points.

Ygrut is on his last legs (no pun… yeesh), and at this point I remember that the Trapmaster has an Action Point to spend.

Ygrut fires two crossbow bolts in to Tordek- both bolts smash through the dwarf’s armour and in to his chest, he staggers- looks down, grins and then pulls both bolts out.

I roll minimum damage- twice.

Ragnarr’s blade flies out and thumps in to the Trapmaster, Tordek rushes in and runs him through.

The Trapmaster falls forward and I allow Tordek and Koda, who are in close, to make Perception checks- DC20. Koda spots that the grizzled mad dwarf has a rope tied around his waist, the rope heads back to some sort of mechanism, a system of pulleys… I ask (Dave) Koda what he wants to do- ‘catch him’ comes the reply, as simple as that.

Koda needs to make an Athletics check DC20, he rolls ‘18’, and is +2, what do you know- Koda saves the day.

With a little help Ragnarr finds and nullifies the trap- the entire ceiling was triggered to collapse, if and when, Ygrut’s body hit the deck.

1050 XP Level 5 Encounter.
Ancient Raven Level 1 Lurker x4
Ygrut the Trapmaster Dwarf Level 5 Elite Soldier
Ceiling Collapse Trap Level 6 Trap

There’s little in the way of treasure here, although the bladebow used by Ygrut is a very strange weapon, otherwise a few gems and coins are discovered.

Ygrut is however the first of the dwarves the characters have got close to- the adventurers spend some time examining the dead dwarf. The Trapmaster wears nothing to indicate the name of his clan, his armour and clothes are seemingly ancient- certainly several centuries old. The dwarf is also venerable, however he bears other strange markings- Ygrut’s skin is sallow, almost all of the pigment gone from it. His hair is brittle and in places seems to have fallen out in great clumps leaving bald patches; it is likewise unkempt and clotted with grease, and dirt, and worse. The dwarf is hunched and crippled; his skin covered with spots and boils, and in places open sores.

He looks ill- very ill, there’s something not quite right here, and yet the adventurers are at a loss, various Heal checks only add to the mystery- the consensus is the dwarf is suffering from some long-term disease, or even poison; the ailment may also be causing mental problems- the Trapmaster certainly acted strangely, making weird noises and gestures.


The adventurers however are broken- Tordek and Koda have no Healing Surges left to spend, and Tordek is on 6 hit points. Fenchurch still has three Healing Surges left but Grimm and Ragnarr have only one each.

They can go no further, reluctantly the dwarves agree to take an Extended Rest, the players understand the consequences of this action- a dwarf (from the original group) will be sacrificed this evening.

The dwarves backtrack to the secret door through which they entered the goblin lair- back in to the zombie chamber; they drag all of the bodies with them, and the goblin chief- so that the chambers look empty. Then they rest.

A little later on, after a short discussion, the goblin war chief is slaughtered, for sending them in the wrong direction, there are no moral dilemmas here.

Overnight Adrik, Priest of Moradin, is sacrificed to the Mountain King- that’s three of the original five adventurer’s dead now. Obviously the players don’t get to know this.

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