Let’s Play #004
Goodman Games DCC54
Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)

Session 3.

Lp004 pc line up 1.05 the 2nd team

Encounter #7 Gates of Iron & Flesh (1-4)

Forges map
The Gate of Iron & Flesh is in area 1-4 of the map (see below).
Map area 2 5

The adventurers head down the great stairs and to the remains of the orc campsite below, they ransack the place but once again there’s little of value to find. There is however some strange contraption, a mechanism of some sort- all levers and valves.

The dwarves are wary however, they decide to leave the thing alone- at least for now.

A passage leads down in to an incredibly well-made and smooth corridor, there’s a dripping grate high on one wall, and ahead… a set of massive copper doors, slightly ajar.

The sounds of gruff voices come from beyond the portal- Orcs.

Bad Guys 432 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Orc Spearman Level 4 Minion x3
Orc Raider Level 3 Skirmisher x2

Orc spearman  m4  lp

Orc raider

Orc raider  sk3  lp

The guys creep forward and then leap through the great portal and in to the midst of the bad guys.

The closest orc raider is mobbed- it takes a dagger to the chest courtesy of Ragnarr, Grimm delivers a Whirlwind Charge which leaves it staggering and bloodied. Fenchurch follows up with his Staggering Note- the creature doesn’t have long to live.

It screams and shouts, more orcs come rushing.

The raiders are armed with greataxes- the first sucks up the hurt with a Warrior’s Surge and smashes Tordek, the second slashes and cuts Grimm.

Koda gets in to the mix, the monk unleashes his Five Storms, he chops an orc spearman down- dead, then punches and kicks both of the raiders, leaving the first staggering and almost broken.

But not for long, Ragnarr sticks his blade in the raider’s back, its dead; and then for good measure the dwarven rogue repeats the trick (Action Point) with the second orc raider, it’s bloodied.

The orc spearmen get busy- Ragnarr and Koda are spiked but it’s too little too late, the fight is becoming even more one-sided. Grimm swears his Oath against the last raider- slashes the orc with his Focussed Fury, Tordek finishes it off.

Fenchurch bellows out his Shout of Triumph and an orc spearman staggers and plummets off the edge of the cliff- there’s just one orc left standing.

Ragnarr manoeuvres with Koda- the pair have the orc flanked, the dwarven rogue finishes it.

432 XP Level 1 Encounter.
Orc Spearman Level 4 Minion x3
Orc Raider Level 3 Skirmisher x2

The orc’s bodies are searched, and then thrown over the cliff- in to the watery ravine, the sound of the waterfall is deafening here- the adventurers eventually retreat inside, pulling the portals shut- but not locked.

Comment: A very easy fight, and why not after some of the stuff they’ve been through. The guys saw the orcs at the entrance earlier, it would be silly for the front door to be unguarded- therefore I re-stocked the area with an easy encounter.

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