Let’s Play #9 Goodman Games
DCC55 Isle of the Sea Drake
(Level 1)

Session 2.


Encounter #3a Through the Jungle to Rescue the Coyomi Men.

The Map- obviously the guys don’t get to see this.

The players have already done a fair amount of exploring of the isle, they’re also armed with a map and they know the location they are heading to. I therefore cut down this section, I just required one check from each PC- any skill could be employed provided they could make a case for its use.

The checks all went remarkably well, and ended with two ‘20’s, from Arannis and Lia- Nature and Stealth checks respectively.

I therefore gave the kids the option of another easy victory (perhaps), atop a hill the guys spy a group of the skull-faced Comiqui, a patrol- probably, they get up close without being spotted…

Comment: I thought I’d get through this section quickly, so we could get straight in to the action; this is after all the start of the second session. I presented the next encounter to the guys on a plate- it was there’s for the taking, I don’t mind giving the guys an easy victory every now and then.

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