KOTS Part 15a:
Are You Experienced?

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There’s a moment’s silence after the warcaster falls, and then the guys are back to being busy.

“Ramm- to the right, what’s there? And keep an eye out.” Tonka nods and the minotaur is away, “Gokan door on the left- I suspect it’s a barracks, check it out.” The half-orc nods and sneaks forward. “Jimmy- straight on, check out the passage, quietly as you can.” The halfling salutes, grins and scampers off.

Which just leaves Tonka standing with Sigur, the dwarf stares long and hard at the dragonborn warlord, Tonka tries to ignore the ‘look’ for as long as he can, which isn’t long.
“What?” The dragonborn finally asks.
Sigur shrugs, and then mutters and mumbles- “What about me?”
Tonka does a double-take, and then thinks quickly.

“Sigur.” Sigur nods. “Half-way up the stairs, make sure nothing sneaks up on us from behind.”
Sigur grins, or at least he smirks- very quickly, and then scurries back up the stairs.

Leaving a slightly bewildered Tonka on his own, the dragonborn shakes his head and looks slightly confused by the situation.

The scouts do their thing and then return to the centre, to Tonka- to report back. Ramm and Sigur back up a little ways, so they can listen in on the new information, although there’s little of interest to relay. Gokan describes the barracks chamber- dirty and squalid, and empty; while Jimmy reports back that the northern corridor ends in a room containing a rusty cell, also empty. The discoveries are met with shrugs, and nods.

Tonka is therefore about to bring the meeting to a close when Jimmy pipes up.
“We’re getting better, don’t you think?” The diminutive rogue asks.
Gokan nods, Ramm and Sigur remain close-lipped, Jimmy wonders, aloud.
“Don’t you think? I mean, more… experienced.” Jimmy finishes.
“Yes. I guess.” Tonka nods.

At which point two things happen, simultaneously.

Ramm shouts “Incoming!” and a mass of hobgoblins rush in to the chamber, intent on slaying our heroes.

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