Session 3.

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Encounter #19 The Crypt Guardian Chamber.

Map crypt guardian chamber

Miss Teri leads the guys in, although… they’ve seen this chamber before, in the scrying pool- the chamber has four pillars, between which is the crackling, hissing magical barrier. The adventurers head in a little way- to the barrier, there seems to be something within it- contained by it, although it’s difficult to see.

“What d’you…” Chiggers starts.
Miss Teri shrugs and moves around the outside of the barrier, heading to the north- there’s a pillared passage that heads away east- she moves on.

“Careful.” Snatch whispers.

Suddenly the hissing, crackling sound of the barrier ceases- the barrier is gone, standing at the northern side of the chamber are two bearded humans wearing poorly maintained leather armour- they look, dirty.

The pair transform in an instant, growing elongated snouts, a tail sprouts from their backsides, their feet lengthen- suddenly they’re ratmen. The pair grin- and then pounce on Miss Teri.

At the same moment the rust-red heavily muscled seven foot tall carnage demon, formerly held captive within the confines of the force field, snarls and roars and lurches forward.

Bad Guys 550 XP Level 1 Encounter
Wererat Level 3 Skirmisher x2
Carnage Demon Level 6 Brute


Wererat  sk3  lp

Demon evistro  carnage   b6  lp

The wererat’s lash out and bite Miss Teri- repeatedly, the shadar-kai is bloodied, bleeding and suffering, the creature’s bites cause her wounds to instantly fester- the rogue is light-headed, and yet she fights back- stabbing one of the foul vermin before teleporting away with her Shadow Jaunt.

Snatch’s Two-Fanged Strike smashes in to the nearest rodent-man, Chiggers dashes in, launches his Lightning Dragon Breath and then smashes down his morning star engulfed in his Avenging Flame, both wererats are bloodied, one is on fire.

“Death shall have no dominion!” Chiggers’ Shield of Faith encompasses all of the adventurers.

Gargemel is quickly to the wererats, the sorcerer’s fiery Dragon Breath followed up with his acid blast Tempest Breath leaves both of the vermin staggering, only just alive, at which point the demon smashes in to Chiggers.

The Priest of the Raven Queen grins and absorbs the demon’s terrific blow, unharmed, a moment later Thug’s Predatory Eye sights the opportunity, the bugbear cuts in to the demon with his Lasting Threat (for 32 points of damage- nice Daily).

“Fight me!” Thug roars in the demon’s face.

The wererat’s wounds are healing over- the creatures are regenerating, the first still close to death flees to the north, while the second is on fire still- and looking for vengeance- it leaps at Chiggers but is easily knocked aside.

Snatch fires in to the fracas, again aiming for the lycanthropes- both are hit, both are left staggering from blood loss. Gargemel flings an Acid Orb at the fleeing wererat, the creature is knocked to the floor by the missile- left screaming, burning- it dies slowly. Chiggers smashes the second wererat down, breaking its neck with his morning star.

The priest pays the price- the demon roars and rips hunks from his flesh, the dragonborn is very quickly bloodied, however the demon is also made to pay- Thug and Miss Teri attack in unison. Thug slams his greataxe in to the demon’s chest, while Teri stabs the elemental beast with her dagger, the demon is bloodied too.


Snatch’s arrows strike, the carnage demon flails and staggers, and is smashed down by Chiggers.

The fight is over, just as Miss Teri feints away and falls hard on to the cold stone floor- the shadar-kai Chiggers soon discovers has succumbed to Filth Fever (Miss Teri has no Healing Surges left).

550 XP Level 1 Encounter
Wererat Level 3 Skirmisher x2
Carnage Demon Level 6 Brute

“Retreat! Retreat! Quickly…”

Thug grabs up Miss Teri, Gargemel and Snatch corral the recently rescued citizens of Fallcrest, the entire group orderly heads back in to the chamber they found Sinruth’s treasures- beyond the icy menhirs.

There they rest a while, actually quite a while- see next write up for details.

Comment: The last (living) creatures in the complex- two Wererats and a Gnome Arcanist soon discover the mayhem and destruction left by the adventurers, they head home- they’re outta there.

And so endeth the third session of play, awfully inconvenient- what with their only being one more encounter in the complex, but what can you do, sometimes thems the breaks.

Part 24 Encounter #20
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